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bioresonance review result testimonial

Lady in 40s


I I suffered from Shingles and red nasty patches will appear all over my neck and hands whenever I go through a period of stress.  This became more frequent and unbearaable. After couple sessions of BRT, my pains and rashes disappeared. Its been 6 months and I have not yet have a Shingles attack 



Boy and Female

I started my 6 year old son on BRT at the Optimal Health Group in May 2015 as he was experiencing eczema and what I suspected was food allergies. He was also falling sick more often as his system got overloaded with all the various food intolerances, What was unusual was that they only started after I gave him the Prevnar 13 vaccination in January 2015.

Female Housewife

I have been suffering from severe menstruation cramps for the last 6 months and it got so bad that I have to take sick leave from work and lie at home with all sorts of pain killers. The pain killers worked for a while and could do nothing for my pains after. My friend recommended that I try Bioresonance Therapy. I was a little skeptical at first but after my first session, my pain was lessened. I timed my next session to be around my next menstruation and the second session I had fabulous results. I could walk around upstraight and even go to work with minimal discomfort.

Female Banker

I was diagnosed wih breast cancer and underwent a mastectomy on my right breast early 2013. The operation also involve breast reconstruction with flipping of my back muscle to the front of the silcone of the newly reconstructed breast. I was supposed to be normal and healed after 4months but that was far from truth in my case. I had very tight pains all around my shoulder, neck and a constant aching that will not go away giving me liitle sleep at night. My energy level was so bad, that I struggle to get out of bed every morning.

Male Entrepreneur

Not sure what's going on but I have been feeling exhausted and very lethargic beginning of this year. So much so that I became disinterested in my business and started distancing myself from all my friends and stop all social gatherings. It became difficult to concentrate on my day to day work and driving became a chore. I tried Bioresonance therapy and after a few sessions, an improvement of my mood and interest in my own business increased significantly. My energy level came back and social life is back to normal.