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Bioresonance Therapy using BICOM machines has been in use in Germany for more than 30 years and is currenlty being used in 55 countries . In China, this form of therapy is used for most childrens hospitals to treat Eczema and Asthma.

Be a part of this innovative and revolutionary way to natural health. Come and have a conversation with us . We are looking to hire

Junior Therapist-in-training

We are looking for positive and motivated individuals who are willing to be trained as therapists. Suitable candidates would include persons interested in all aspect of natural health, the functioning of human bodily systems and a 'people person'. Overseas training will be provided.

Therapist- in training

We are looking for positive and motivated individuals who are currently in areas of natural health services, energy work, natural supplements to join us as Biorreosnance Therapist. If you are in the midst of exploring a career change in mid life and want to be part of this revolutionary and innovative method to natural health, we would be keen to speak with you. Overseas Training will be provided .

Experienced Therapist

If you want to be part of a growing company and be involved in regional expansion, managerial position, team building and training , we would be very keen to speak with you . Suitable candidates would have had minimum 3 years of relevant experience in this field. Flexible Compensation and terms and conditions can be discussed .

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